UNCOMFORTABLE DILEMMA: America’s Muslim Problem And …

Written by ++++Allen on September 27, 2014

Yes, it’s truea Muslim has killed an American on American soil and in the most ghoulish way possible. But there is another issue here, too, because not only is the murderer a Muslim, Alton Alexander Nolen is African-American. Remember the Ferguson Missouri riots a month or so back? Ferguson was a time and place that was dangerous for anyone not black.

So fast forward to yesterday, again taking place in the heartland of America, this time in Moore, Oklahoma. A beheading, all though the media has referred to the act as a “severing” in order to be politically correct and to distance this American-soil, Muslim terrorist act from that of ISIS, or IS, or ISIL — whoever the hell they want to be called — now happening in the Middle East. So now we have another “son” of Obama — remember his quote here?…“If I had a son he would have been like Trayvon” — committing atrocities now in the name of Allah. Can I get an Akbar?

This presents a real dilemma for the everyday concerned, law-abiding American. Ok, I was already avoiding large crowds of African-Americans for a good year now because of the “knock-out game”. If you have forgotten about this, it’s where a group of blacks, usually teenagers, will mob a white person, or anyone other than black and precede to hit, aka slug with full force, to knock out said victim with one hit. Yeah, what a game!

I’m pretty sure the akamai (Hawaiian for smart) average American also avoids large groups of burka-wearing females accompanied by men in tiny white hats and beards. Look at it this way, they are always ready for Halloween. And therefore are giving you a visual warning…heed it.

So now what? Now we have two divergent groups having a coming together with a meeting of minds. Kind of like the perfect storm. As a Navy SEAL, a Facebook friend of my daughter, said recently with all the current events here in America, “Keep your head on a swivel.” Good advice, sir.

I think it is fair to say that the common streets of everyday America are quite an enigma these days. Teachers in the concealed carry permit classes say, be aware of your surroundings…always! We live in different times, the days of Leave it to Beaver and Lassie with Timmy are sadly fully long gone and so went the “Greatest Generation” with them.

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