AHAHAHA: Hawaii Votes NO To Name A Beach After Obama After Protests Against It

Published on October 8, 2014

In other news they will name one of their strains of marijuana after him. It’s called the Barack and it gives some smokers a massive high that then plunges one into an abysmal, life-rattling, depression.

There’s an interesting trend developing in the Democrat ranks. President Obama’s colleagues are abandoning him. This is always somewhat expected. They are human beings after all with their own ideas and agendas. However people in administrations usually wait until after the current Presidency has ended before they make their disgruntled thoughts known.

Not only have Democrats broken rank with President Obama, but so has Chicago. They wanted to name a school after Obama, but when the school was proposed to be in a different part of Chicago than what Obama was known for, the citizen were in an uproar. Ouch!

The the same thing is happening in Hawaii, the President’s home state. Two city councilmen from Honolulu proposed to rename a beach after President Obama.

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