AIN’T THIS SOME BS: Video Of Voting Machine Recording Republican Votes for Dems

Hope & Voter Fraud, Suckers.

Two young voters in Moline, Illinois, headed to the polls on Monday, October 28, to participate in early voting and were surprised to find the machine registering their votes incorrectly.

Both had heard complaints that the machines were recording Republican votes as Democrat votes, but figured it was due to problems with older people attempting to use touchscreen machines. Then they had the same problem in multiple races and decided to use their phones to document it.

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The young men wished to remain anonymous, but spoke with The Weekly Standard.

“I pressed the top of the box for [Republican state senate candidate] Neil Anderson, and it clicked for [Democratic state senator] Mike Jacobs,” he said. The machines, both voters said, require the use of fingers, and no stylus or other device is provided.

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