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Once again, the POTUS has taken the law into his own hands with an executive order to allow illegals to join our military.

Showing complete disregard for our Constitution, he has bypassed Congress, the only ones who have the right to change naturalization laws, by his pen and phone.

It is against the national law itself to arm an illegal alien, even if one disregards the Constitution.

It is our citizen’s right to defend their own country, and find career employment. Many military combat leaders have recently been pink slipped out of armed service.

Is it right to thank a combat veteran by terminating his or her employment after the sacrifice they make to leave their homes and families to fight in a war?

Should these vets be thrown into a job pool of the worst economy and unemployment since the stagflation of the 1970’s?

Thanks for everything, have a nice life, get lost?

It is not enough that wounded vets cannot get any care for their general health and war wounds with a VA gone rogue? Is it not enough that the suicide rate of combat veterans is very high for the same reason?

What about our own youths seeking employment in the armed service? Their job prospects are slim. The military has always been an option, but are they to be pushed aside for someone from another country?

This is dangerous on two sides. Young people are needed to continue the ranks of a strong military as older people retire out. They are needed to continue our traditions and pride in our country, as well.

A loose cannon of a POTUS cannot be tolerated. The American people need to stand up and stop this now, before it gets worse.

The American people need to demand that our news media report the news as it happens, all of the news, all of the time, regardless of the agendas of the large corporations that employ them.

Reporting on minor issues to mask the real issues is unacceptable.

Allowing a lawless leader to continue in his reckless abandon is not to be tolerated.

November is coming. Please get out the vote, while letting candidates know that as a voter, pressure will be applied for performance as dictated by their constituency.



Candace Hardin

Candace Hardin resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is fluent in Spanish and a student of Latin and history. She is a columnist on and has a blog, Originally from North Carolina, her writing and beliefs have been heavily influenced by the Appalachian culture and tradition.