AVERT YOUR GAZE! Or Maybe Not: Democrats Gone Wild!

Written by Allan Erickson on October 16, 2014

It’s a safe bet JFK and Harry Truman would be appalled by today’s Democrats.  From Lyndon Johnson forward Democrats have gotten “progressively” worse. Their talking points always distill down to this: Republicans are evil, all the evil in the world is their fault, so vote for us, and we’ll give you stuff.  Now a far left party run by a liar and a traitor, the Democrats will say anything to win elections.   ObamaCare is great!  The economy is better!  If you don’t believe it, ask Bill Clinton!  Other examples . . .  

Voter fraud was a tactic perfected by Obama’s ACORN.  It is now a regular dimension of national elections.  Just ask people like Al Franken about multiple registrations, multiple votes, Ohio, illegals voting.  No wonder Chris Matthews is freaking out about voter ID.  After all, making people show real ID in order to vote tends to lessen fraud.  So Democrats call voter ID racism, the catch all distraction, convenient smoke for cover.  I can’t check out a library book without showing ID but 12 million illegals must have open access to vote?  Get real Chris, if that’s possible.

In a last ditch effort to gin up rage against Republicans, Democrat luminaries accuse the GOP of responsibility for Ebola! Yup, Republicans hate everybody so much, we unleashed an epidemic.  Apparently Democrat leaders think their constituents are so dumb they’ll swallow this sewage.  Obviously, Democrat big shots do think their constituents are dumber than dirt, easily duped and manipulated.  Democrat masses actually think Pelosi makes sense, Biden is a statesman, and Wasserman-Schultz has integrity!  (In that war on women deal, who won?)

One of the last honorable Democrats on the planet–Leon Panetta–comes out in his new book telling the truth about Benghazi, Iraq, ISIS and Obama’s responsibility for sequestration and resulting budget cuts devastating our military.  A good and honorable man telling the truth is simply intolerable for Democrats, so, the WH launches an attack on Panetta, using rational and balanced people like Mia Farrow.  She calls Panetta a “Judas”.   Like Paltrow and Streisand, Mia seems to think Obama is god.   

Some Democrats have wised up a bit.  They are running from Obama in a panic, desperate to distance themselves from him in hopes of salvaging their despicable political careers.  John Kerry and Chuck Hagel realize the curtain is closing.  They’re left mumbling about climate change and trying to form complete sentences.

BTW, have you noticed most Democrat party bosses got rich while in office, yet they want voters to believe they hate the rich, even as they outspend Republicans by vast amounts this cycle?  Something is a little fishy don’t you think?  The only reason they hate the Citizens United decision is it leveled the playing field.  Nothing infuriates a Democrat more than fair competition.

The “peace” party has expanded military operations and use of drones far beyond anything Republicans envisioned in recent years, all while disarming the country and cutting military spending below the bone.  As to non-violence, reasoned debate and justice, check out Obama’s model citizens in the streets of Ferguson, or ask Jason Mattera what it is like getting body slammed by Harry Reid’s goon just for asking a question.

Speaking of goons, did you hear about Democrats drunk with power in Houston?  They demand all sermons mentioning the lesbian mayor specifically, or homosexuality generally, be submitted to city hall for review.  Sieg Heil!  This in the wake of Democrat crack downs on radical Christians exercising their constitutional rights to freedom of religion and speech, conscience be damned, a Democrat specialty.  Off to the re-education camps for all wedding vendors and tee-shirt printers.  We’ll have no more of that freedom gibberish.

Parting shots: does Obama’s ambassador to the U.N. still recommend the U.S. invade Israel?  We heard from Paul Begala again, blaming Bush for everything, this time, Ebola.  (Personally I think Eisenhower is to blame.) Did you hear Rosie O’Donnell tell us Republicans are responsible for the creation of ISIS. (Weren’t we rid of her?)

Well, soon we’ll hear from Al Grayson and Michael Moore, just to round out the clown show.  And then there’s Hillary… the woman who would be king, or Queen of Hearts, either way.   With Trey Gowdy breathing down her neck, she is reduced to decrying the high cost of college tuition speaking in Nevada, pretending she cares about the little people, selling herself for a mere $225,000.

Democrats routinely show they have no interest in cooperation, bipartisanship, patriotism, truth or common courtesy, even as they prove they will say or do anything to get your vote.  They’ll even boo God if they think that will help.  But remember, Islam is a religion of peace, and if you say otherwise, off with your head.  

Image: http://www.thepiratescove.us/2008/03/21/surrender-monkey-friday-obama-passport-kerfuffle-bushs-fault/


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Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.