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CAT FIGHT: Annie Lennox Bashes Beyonce, ‘Twerking is not Feminism’

Annie also adds that modern music is ‘disturbing’ and ‘exploitative’. Check it out.

Annie Lennox does not seem to be a big fan of today’s young pop stars.

The legendary Scottish singer, who found fame as one half of the internationally acclaimed group the¬†Eurythmics alongside Dave Stewart, was asked in a recent interview to further explain comments she made earlier this year that Beyonce was not a ‘feminist,’ but rather a ‘feminist lite.’

And Lennox did not hold back.

‘Listen, twerking is not feminism,’ said the 59-year-old artist.

It’s not – it’s not liberating, it’s not empowering. It’s a sexual thing that you’re doing on a stage; it doesn’t empower you. That’s my feeling about it.’

‘The reason why I’ve commented is because I think that this overt sexuality thrust — literally — at particular audiences, when very often performers have a very, very young audience, like 7 years older, I find it disturbing and I think its exploitative. It’s troubling. I’m coming from a perspective of a woman that’s had children,’ she explained.

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