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CDC CHIEF-‘WE’RE ALWAYS OPEN TO IDEAS’: Really? Howzabout Stopping Flights From Ebola Cursed Countries?

Astonishing statement of CDC chief in CHARGE of a bungled Ebola response as three congressmen call for his head and the White House shifts blame. Why is it that we are one of the few countries that haven’t blocked off flights from West Africa? Check this out…

CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden began his grilling Thursday on Capitol Hill with a stark admission that his agency is still searching for ways to combat the Ebola virus as it burrows into the United States.

‘We’re always open to ideas for what we can do to keep Americans safe,’ Frieden said in his opening statement, in a startling departure from his prepared remarks in the face of a hostile and impatient panel in a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee.

‘We would consider any options to better protect Americans,’ he said later during the hearing’s Q&A period.

Frieden’s statements will not inspire already-shattered public confidence. The first Ebola patient identified on U.S. soil, Thomas Eric Duncan, was misdiagnosed.

Two nurses caring for him have since contracted the body-destroying hemorrhagic fever – one of whom got on a flight with the CDC’s blessing a day before she was hospitalized.

The excruciating hearing came as three members of Congress and a sitting governor are calling for Frieden’s resignation and the White House began the torturous process of throwing him under the disease-control bus on Thursday afternoon, saying that Frieden is ‘taking responsibility’ for his agency’s screw-ups.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that the CDC director was responsible – implying that President Barack Obama is not.

‘You have seen, at least in a couple instances, Dr. Frieden taking responsibility’ for the CDC’s widely panned response, he said.

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