CONTRARY TO OBAMA: Troops Fighting ISIS, ‘Airstrikes Alone Will Never Work’

Published on October 3, 2014

I think the actual fighting troops know better than BHO. Check it out…

By: Mark Palmer (Newsweek)

It will come as little comfort to President Obama and his European allies, but there is widespread agreement over how the jihadist Islamic State (Isis) can be defeated in northeast Syria and northern Iraq.

Whether it’s a view advanced by Kurdish commanders on the Turkish border, local police in northern Iraq or a former Chief of the UK defence staff in London, the consensus is that troops on the ground are required – and fast.

Even David Cameron, Britain’s Prime Minister, accepts that Isis’s bloody advance can not be halted from the air alone. But, after that, the consensus crumbles. Any boots on the ground must not be British, according to Cameron. “They should be Iraqi troops, they should be Kurdish troops,’’ he said.

But on the dusty, battle-weary outskirts of the city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq, Brigadier-­General Sarhad Qadir, commander in chief of Kirkuk Province Police Forces, told Newsweek: “We appreciate all the air strikes . . . we are thankful for this help and support. However, these air strikes must keep escalating in numbers and ground troops must be provided with military aid to drive out Isis from their strongholds.’’

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