COWABUNGA, BABY: ISIS Admits That This Brave Warrior Chick Is Sending Terrorists To Hell

Published on October 15, 2014

I wish her great success. Enjoy.

While jihadists routinely declare that they are willing to die for Allah to ensure a spot in heaven, there is apparently a loophole in that promise. Last month, the New York Post reported that Islamic State radicals might embrace death in battle; yet they are petrified of being killed by a female soldier.

As a result, female soldiers have recognized the unique advantage they have on the battlefield. Tekoshin, a 27-year-old Kurdish warrior, is among the women fighting terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

She said she believes the enemy is “more afraid of us than of the men,” noting that Islamic State radicals “believe they’ll go to hell if they die at a woman’s hands.”

Such a belief only makes a recent Twitter post heralding the military exploits of one terror-fighting woman even more rewarding to those dedicated to defeating Islamic extremism.

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