A Democrat “Honor System” For Ebola Carriers, Illegals, Terrorists — And Voters

Written by Donald Joy on October 17, 2014

Our current government has shown that they cannot be trusted with the most basic elements of handling the Ebola situation.  Every assurance they’ve uttered has been proven bogus, and every protocol they purport has failed.

Roughly 150 air travelers per day, originating from Ebola hell-holes of West Africa, arrive here in the U.S. on board commercial flights.  The flights do not come directly from West African countries, but from places where flights from those countries connect.

Even after the still-unfolding Ebola disaster in Dallas, we are told by our government that it’s safe and sufficient to rely on “self-reporting” by those traveling from such areas of Africa, who otherwise show no apparent symptoms of Ebola, as to any contact, timelines, or other relevant circumstances about their possibility of infection.  Great!

Haven’t we seen how this has worked out so far?  Haven’t we learned not to trust these flunkies with the keys to our country, nor our precious kids’ schools?

Here’s the spurious rationale recited by Obama and his toadies for not putting a general quarantine of restrictions and travel bans on people trying to come here from Ebola-stricken regions of Africa:  “If we put strict measures in place to keep them out, they’ll find some way to come here anyway — so we should just let them come on commercial flights — that way we can ‘screen’ and ‘track’ them.”

In a surreal congressional hearing yesterday, one genius actually speculated that, faced with restrictions on commercial flights, infected travelers from Africa would make it here by “traveling over land.”

Enacting strict travel bans and restrictions does not mean that those who would otherwise (in the absence of a ban) try to bypass official travel procedures still won’t do so if they are thwarted at the gates, now does it?  Of course not.  Why can’t, or won’t, these people grasp that?  They often talk about “layered approaches” to security, yet they eschew the most fundamental measures — basic perimeter & internal enforcement — while leaving huge holes in the sparse barriers to entry that do exist, and ignoring virtually all visa overstayers.

Trust me on this.  Several years ago I worked as a law enforcement watch officer/intel analyst at Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters in Washington, D.C.  My job was in the ICE Operations Center — the nerve center of all ICE operations throughout the country.  I saw firsthand how hopelessly corrupted by political correctness DHS is.  I couldn’t take it for long and believe me, there was an epic scene when I finally exploded and ultimately resigned.

It’s all the same policy the Obama administration defends, with straight faces, as they claim that their “number one priority” is to protect Americans from severe public health and safety threats like Ebola and other exotic, deadly diseases, terrorist attacks, and the likes of MS-13.  Meanwhile, they instead focus more on playing wet-nurses to African villages, Reconquista trainloads, and stroller-pushing Islamic sleeper-cell breeders on food stamps.

We’ve recently seen and heard top bureaucrats such as CDC head Thomas Frieden and Director of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson stating — in all seriousness — that instead of securing our borders, enforcing our perfectly adequate existing immigration laws, and restricting a certain profile from inbound flights, they hope that those who pose a grave threat to our lives and our families would simply voluntarily come forward, identify themselves, and cooperate with all procedural niceties and formalities so that they can be embraced and remain here among us, to do whatever.

De facto amnesty will make honest, safe, law-abiding permanent residents and citizens out of the endless swarms of violent criminals, diseased interlopers, and stealth jihadists among us!  Yay!

Most absurd and disturbing is their admitted eagerness to rely on the honor and goodwill of those who broke our laws in the first place, who intend to continue to violate our laws, and who have every incentive (like urgently requiring the best possible free medical treatment, as in the Duncan case) to lie, cheat, and steal past our screeners and trackers in order to arrive and stay here, and exploit/prey on us all.

We’re tired of reading reports about the thousands of illegal invaders (the relative few who are even encountered by feds, mind you) being issued what amount to parking tickets, then let go on their own recognizance into our interior, and pointlessly told to show up (ha!) at some hearing scheduled for months or well over a year later.

With the number of American lives in jeopardy from Ebola infection increasing here on our soil each day, some speculate as far as whether the mid-term congressional elections — less than three weeks away — will even be held (but then, socialists throughout history have neverdeliberately exacerbated crisis to suspend due process or cancel legitimate elections, right?), or, if turnout will be suppressed due to voters’ fears of deadly viruses being exponentially spread in crowded, bustling, enclosed polling sites.

Meanwhile, Democrats attack Republicans as “racist vote suppressors,” for merely trying to make sure voters actually are who they say they are.

According to Democrats, who have perfected the black art of stealing elections, voter fraud is not a real problem!  Surely we can just rely on the that good ol’ honor system when someone claims to be voting as…whoever’s name they use.


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Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.