DEMOCRATIC ELITES: Minions of Satan?

Written by George Hewes on October 1, 2014

During an address in Vatican City for the Feast of the Archangels this week, Pope Francis blew the lid off the true agenda of Barack Obama.

“He presents things as if they were good, but his intention is destruction,” said the Pontiff.

Actually, the Pope was referring to Satan, but he could just as easily have been talking about our Community Organizer-in-Chief and his Democrat water-carriers in Washington. For generations, Democrats have claimed the mantle of caring for the downtrodden and being more compassionate than Republicans, but a sober analysis of results would conclude their policies have done monumental damage to the very people they claim to help.

While discussions in university faculty lounges have long theorized how progressive ideas would transform America into a workers’ paradise, they have now actually been implemented with the ascension of Barack Obama, and the nightmarish results are writ large for the world to see.

The Affordable Healthcare Act–an ironic name that would have made Uncle Joe Stalin proud–was sold to the American public as a magic elixir for all of society’s ills. For the millions of unemployed, Nancy Pelosi hyped it as a jobs bill that would create four million new positions. For those content with their existing health insurance and doctors, Obama promised nothing would change. The Obamacare web site, its namesake assured us, would be as user-friendly as Amazon and eBay.

Within a few years of its implementation the impact of Obamacare has become apparent: a bloated monstrosity of a program that has caused employers to slash jobs or reduce them to part-time, skyrocketing premium hikes to most health plans and a reduction in benefits, enough healthcare policy cancellation letters to paper over the Great Plains, and a bug-riddled, dysfunctional mess of a web site that has cost exponentially more than its sale price.

Black America rejoiced when Obama was elected in 2008. With one of their own making an historic rise to the Oval Office, surely their lot in life would improve. Why would their lives need to improve? Perhaps because the hollow promises of another Democrat icon, Lyndon Johnson, and his War on Poverty have served to shatter the black nuclear family, hook far too many black Americans on the seductive drug of government dependence, and create de facto segregation in housing and schools.

Despite this sorry record, the program is defended by the left because of its allegedly good intentions. Regardless, the problems would soon be fixed because, as Obama famously said, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Yet six years into his administration, statistics show a nation where unemployment among black teens is roughly triple the national average, poverty has increased and the number of food stamp recipients has soared. And instead of directing their rage against these destructive programs, Messrs. Sharpton and Jackson are in on the scam and instead blame the black community’s problems on a murky, latent racism embedded deep in American society. How can that racism be cured? With more Big Government programs, of course.

If the destruction of America’s superpower status is the goal of the left, then the crown jewel in that strategy is their ongoing battle against the weather, i.e. climate change. Few leftist agenda items have endured despite such absurd justifications as this one. When the data over the last quarter century runs contrary to the notion that the planet is getting hotter, the solution is to phony up the computer model data (see East Anglia Climategate scandal) and rely on fellow travelers in the news media and Hollywood to scare the uninformed among us with alarmist propaganda. The same people who promote their modest goal of saving the planet and all the creatures in it turn a blind eye when their low-yield wind farms become a killing field for bugs, bats and bald eagles. If the Koch brothers were investing in wind power, animal rights activists would be chaining themselves to windmills to stop the slaughter.

In order for liberal policies to endure in the marketplace of political ideas, it is necessary to have an electorate that is largely ignorant of past outcomes and has the attention span of a Kardashian sister. How else to explain the left’s bull-headed insistence on yet another minimum wage increase? When asked for solutions to declining take-home pay, Obama is quick to offer up a minimum wage hike as a remedy. It does not take a Wharton MBA to conclude that a federal mandate of a higher minimum wage will inevitably result in a reduction in entry-level jobs and a rise in automation. No matter, the left’s foot soldiers can be seen in a town near you protesting McDonald’s because they dare not pay their teenage burger-flippers $15 an hour.

If Obama and his allies are intent on destruction with their policies, then they are essentially saboteurs of the American Dream and should be perp-walked out of office. If they think their policies really work and are just paving our national road to Hades with their good intentions, they are hopelessly naïve and should wander in the political wilderness for generations.

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George Hewes
"George Hewes" is the nom de plume of a freedom-loving American who believes the runaway growth of government is trampling on our individual liberties. He advocates a return to constitutional principles as a cure for what ails America as well as a vigorous response to the relentless forces of progressivism and Big Government. Image: