DENIED: Kroger Managers Refuse Anti-Gun Bullying Tactics of Moms Demand Action

Published on October 7, 2014

Anti-Gun jackasses get shut down by Kroger’s managers. Check this out.

Moms Demand Action has adopted the tactic of attempting to isolate and bully individual companies into accepting their prohibitionist gun control philosophy. Their goal is to accomplish through bullying what they cannot establish through legislation: reducing the number of places that law-abiding citizens can exercise their basic human right to self-defense.

The republic’s largest supermarket chain is the latest target of Michael Bloomberg’s fake grassroots gun prohibitionist organization, and the chain has stood tall in defense of the common sense position that private companies best serve their customers by abiding by local, state and federal laws, not writing their own.

This has led Moms Demand to shift tactics from their normal social media bullying tactics, to sending paid staffers to deliver a photocopied stack of petition signatures to individual cameras as part of a photo-op campaign. Yes, they’re attempting to deliver the same photocopied stack of signatures to stores around the nation.

A Kroger manager refused to play that game yesterday, causing Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts to Tweet the following from her suburban mansion in ultra-white, ultra wealthy Zionsville, Indiana.

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