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WHAT A DOUCHE: Drunk Anti-Gun State Senator Arrested in #Ferguson With Loaded Gun

Typical Lefty. Enjoy.

FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOX) – State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed was arrested by St. Louis County police in Ferguson overnight.

She was kneeling in the middle of the road outside the Ferguson Police Department. Nasheed chanted as she was cuffed and taken away.

“Sen. Nasheed, along with another male, entered the street, were told numerous times by not only by the St. Louis County commander, but other officers on scene, that they needed to leave the street or they were subject to arrest. They failed to comply, and they were taken into custody,” says St. Louis County Police Sgt. Brian Schellman.

Officers say the arrest of Nasheed and Jefonte Nelson happened without incident.

The senator reportedly had a gun on her when she was arrested.

St. Ann Police Chief Aaron Jimenez says Nasheed was asked to take a breathalyzer test, and she refused.

Read more: CBS Local St. Louis

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