‘Dreams From My Fatwa’: A Bucket List For Bugchasers

Written by Donald Joy on October 3, 2014

Africa is mostly a place where the ancient black magic of Islam and the ancient black magic of Voodoo cooperate and coexist.  It is a place where many adult men with AIDS believe that they can be magically cured of it by raping enough infants.

In Liberia, where two weeks ago an Ebola-infected man (who looks like he could be Obama’s son) lied in order to board a plane enroute to the U.S., legions of laughing young Trayvons–street warriors–can be seen in YouTube videos proudly practicing conquest cannibalism:  Cutting out and eating the heart of one’s vanquished enemy, believing that one receives a primal, magic power from it.

A group of 8 medical aid workers went to Africa last month, to help deal with the Ebola crisis.  Villagers there, claiming that whites invented Ebola in order to kill black people, hacked the 8 nurses to death with machetes and dumped their bodies in a latrine pit.

If you knew you were going to die in the relatively near future, your priorities concerning things you’d like to accomplish before “kicking the bucket” would take on a certain urgency and clarity.  This fatal-list orientation would be especially pronounced if your demise was deliberately self-induced; people who seek to assert control over their own destinies are, by definition, that much more agenda-driven.

Dinesh D’souza and many others (including myself and my friends) have spent most of our waking hours over the last seven years or so trying to shake Americans out of their collective stupor about just who and what Barack Obama is, and what his plans for America have been all along.

Alas, it does appear perhaps too late.  The suicidal impulse, whether conscious or not, among the majority of our electorate held sway in 2008 and 2012; the deadly disease of self-destruction has taken hold even in the innermost reaches of the heartland.  Even millions of moderate Republicans voted for Obama, at least partly because they thought it best to prove how anti-white they are (meanwhile, stubbornly suicidal arch-conservatives by the millions refused to vote for Romney in 2012 out of spite, cutting off their own noses defiantly to “teach the GOP a lesson” about nominating).

Obama did openly declare his fatwa to “fundamentally transform” America, and he did it in front of the entire nation, when there was still enough time to stop him (he uttered that exact phrase 5 days before voters went to the polls in 2008).  But like an existentially deranged population of “bugchasers”–people who deliberately have unprotected sex with carriers of HIV for the very purpose of catching the AIDS virus themselves–our body politic refused to heed the dire warnings from vigilant and vocal conservatives.

As with the so-called bugchasers, those who supported (and still support) Obama have a peculiar and sick fascination with destroying a healthy host, for no better reason than to subvert what, to them, is boring and bigoted normalcy.  They seek to embrace the toxic taboo, because, among other things, there is political power and belonging in shared victimhood. Besides, they have largely swallowed decades of left-wing lies about America, and actually believe that our country (especially the white majority) is guilty, and deserves this hostile fate, as “social justice.”

We see this attitude everywhere, in all aspects of our modern public life.  But it is especially apparent now in our government’s utter lack of interest or willingness to protect us from the Ebola virus, or from the myriad of other exotic diseases being spread among our children by the millions of alien invaders swarming in through the porous sieve that used to be our borders, not to mention other grave threats.

As Winston Churchill is oft-quoted as having said:  Whereas capitalism involves the unequal spreading of wealth, socialism amounts to the equal spreading of misery.

Obama’s anti-American policies are intentionally designed to bring us down to the same level as the third world African hell-holes which spawned his destructive derelict Muslim father’s anti-colonialist, Marxist ambitions.  Barack Jr. has repeatedly told us this all along.

Bringing Ebola here is part of that anti-American Dream; part of the grand Jihad:  Instead of banning flights from the region where Ebola is spreading like wildfire, Obama’s administration doubles-down and issues hundreds of thousands of visas.  Instead of acknowledging the national security emergency on our Southern border and directing troops there to help secure it, bug-chasing Obama sends thousands of our young men and women in uniform across the ocean into the African Ebola zone, while ordering our Border Patrol to disarm, to change diapers, and to bake birthday cakes as he releases thousands of dangerous criminal aliens to roam free as predators among our population.

Like a virus-spreading, recklessly recreational sex opportunist, Obama and his friends delight in their socialist arson; in burning down the house with the children inside.  But they know their days are numbered.  They know they have only a finite amount of time to mark the items off their to-do list before the host expires.

Obama’s books, speeches, and actions all along have spelled it out for us already; we know what’s on his agenda in the remainder of time before we are finally rid of him.  The hour is late.

Let’s form a human chain, a bucket brigade from Dulles to Dallas to The Dalles, and dump enough water on this socialist act of arson, this Voodoo-Jihad, to stop it from spreading any further than it already has.  God help us.

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Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.