‘F–K CHINATOWN’: Tour Guide Goes On Racist Rant Aboard Bus In San Francisco

It’s okay folks. She’s a black female so they can say those sorts of things and get away with it.

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — A tour bus ride through San Francisco took an ugly turn when it got through Chinatown. It was just last year that Chinatown was named one of the best neighborhoods in all of America, but one tour guide made it pretty clear she didn’t agree with that.

The guide was filmed during a racist and expletive-laden rant about the neighborhood and its inhabitants, and even garnered applause from tourists.

The video shows the woman, who says she is originally from Los Angeles talking through a loudspeaker to the tourists saying things like, “f**k Chinatown. F**k your little herb gardens. F**k your little seafood f**king markets and your turtles and your frogs. F**k your f**king ginseng. F**k your little hair salons where no one in there knows how to speak English!”

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