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Fraudulent President + “Muslim Outreach” Via NASA = Exploding Rocket

This is what we get when fraud results in a president who makes “Muslim outreach” the primary goal of NASA. Check it out. I’m sure Russia is laughing their ass off.

An Orbital Sciences cargo rocket set to deliver 5,000 pounds of food and other supplies to the International Space Station exploded over the launchpad Tuesday into a huge ball of fire that destroyed nearby property and vehicles. The flight was to be unmanned, and reports said nobody on the ground was injured.

The Antares rocket exploded just moments after liftoff at 6:22 p.m. at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on the Virginia coast.

Nearly an hour later, a blaze could still be seen at the launch pad.

Calling it a “catastrophic anomaly,” NASA officials could be heard over thestreaming video at NASA TV as live images played of the smokey scene. They noted the accident occurred six seconds after liftoff.

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