GOP WAVE ELECTION? Will Women Be the Key?

Written by Kevin Fobbs on October 10, 2014

As the tides of the political election war of 2014 come down to the wire, one of the challenges that may determine the midterms is whether or not women can save the senate for Democrats or give the GOP a wave election. According to the Washington Post the battleground states may see women pushing even harder to maintain their female gender gap advantage over the Republicans.

An election analysis done by the National Journal has the women’s voting gap actually increasing to historic levels in many 2014 battleground states. In fact, if you take a look at the average gender gap over the past decade it has been 13 points. By delving even further in the numbers, the gap has increased to 20 points since August and is even higher in North Carolina and Iowa; topping off at 30 points.

Yet the real question on the kitchen table of many female voters in 2014 which does not show up in past polling is how issues like Obamacare and the growing and continuing foreign threats of ISIS and Ebola are factoring into their voting decisions.

The real truth which has Democrat senate strategists worried, as they well should be, are the recent poll numbers of voters in those key battleground states that were taken in the last week or so. A different narrative is emerging and the polling numbers actually show GOP senate candidates are winning a majority of white women voters over the Democrat candidate. Even more devastating, married women prefer the Republican senate candidate over the Democrat by double digits, reported the Washington Post.

Can anyone smell a wave developing out there in the heartland?

The real question that has mainstream media perplexed is how and why women voters appear to be giving the Democrats the thumbs down heading into the last three weeks of the 2014 election cycle?

If one were to take a quote from Rev. Martin Luther King’s 1963 “I Have a Dream Speech,” where he said in part, there were those in our northern cities who believe there is nothing for which to vote.

Single women and minorities are part of the core of the Democrat voting machine and thus far according to polls, they have not been persuaded that they have a reason to vote. The so-called fictional “War on Women” that Democrats sought to make stick to GOP senate candidates rang hollow for women. Their economic plight continues, and Obama economic comeback has only benefited the millionaires and billionaires of Wall Street but not Main Street.

So with disenchanted voters voting with their feet to sit on their hands during this midterm cycle the GOP has an open lane toward securing the six senates they need to wrest control from the Democrats.

Consider some of the states in play like Arkansas which appears to be headed toward the Republican column based upon Rasmussen Reports polling this week. Democrat incumbent senator Mark Pryor appears headed for defeat. The Rasmussen poll has Republican challenger Tom Cotton leading Pryor by seven points —47% to 40%. Another Republican layup in the pursuit of the magic 51 senate seat total may be found in what was blue state Obama country. According to Center for Politics, Iowa which Obama won twice, appears to be leaning for the GOP candidate.

Iowa has state Sen. Joni Ernst (R) battling Rep. Bruce Braley (D) in a race which, for several months, looked like an apparent tie. This past weekend the Des Moines Register Poll had Ernst leading Braley by a six point margin. Based upon recent polling, this state should be moved from toss-up to leans Republican, according to Center for Politics.

Women in these states and others are finally grasping the reality of what President Ronald Reagan spoke about during his presidency. He did not promise women and families dreams based upon hope and change to big government solutions. Instead, his Reagan Revolution stirred a comeback in households and businesses that was based on solid individualism and initiative. Obama has insisted that government was the answer, but instead his solution has been a dangerous virus that has infected communities and the lives of millions of women and families.

Simply take a page from Melanie Tipton, an award winning sportscaster, and businesswoman in the heartland state of Tennessee. She has not only fully embraced the Reagan Revolutionary reality but is working to share it with millions of women, families and young people all over America. Her patriotism and unswerving devotion to the biblical values which were essential to the birth of America are part of her DNA. It shows in her many accomplishments and in her forthcoming movie, Melanie’s Journey Through Chattanoogaville. Tipton has woken up tens of thousands of women across the nation with a vehicle which embraces the winning formula that women and families all across the nation will want to see and to share in their own lives.

The 2014 elections promise to be the beginning of a rebirth which Melanie Tipton shares by focusing on her Reaganomics visionary private sector shown in the documentary which is sponsored by The Conservative Campaign Committee / 1 Million People to Defeat Barack Obama.

The bottom-line on Election Day for the GOP is to win the senate by picking up Democrat-held Arkansas, Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia and Iowa which Center for Politics has all leaning Republican. With the movement of women who are increasingly polling Republican an additional pick up of possibly Alaska, Louisiana as well as Colorado, will give the GOP the seats needed to depose Senator Harry Reid-Dem (UT) as Senate Majority Leader.

With three weeks to go, the Women’s vote may be the crucial factor which boots the Democrats out of majority senate control. This will reduce Obama to simply spending more and more time on the golf links and leaving the GOP adults to mind the country’s affairs.



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Kevin Fobbs
Kevin Fobbs has more than 35 years of wide-ranging experience as a community and tenant organizer, Legal Services outreach program director, public relations consultant, business executive, gubernatorial and presidential appointee, political advisor, widely published writer, and national lecturer. Kevin is co-chair and co-founder of AC-3 (American-Canadian Conservative Coalition) that focuses on issues on both sides of the border between the two countries.