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HARSH MEASURES: Does That Make Me an ‘Ebola Racist’?

by Michael Martin
Clash Daily Columnist

So, the Ebola victim’s family says that the attempted mass murderer didn’t get proper care because of his skin color.  
Boo-frickin’-hoo. With a 50 % to 90 % kill rate, I wonder how many Americans he could have killed, and still might kill, if Ebola spreads from his contacts.
Any country that attempted to kill over 50 %  of Americans, we would automatically consider ourselves to be at war with them. Why is it different when an individual does it? It has been admitted that it was not an accident, he knew that he had been exposed. I think that the country would have been justified in cremating him as soon as it was discovered that he tested positive for Ebola and knowingly brought the chance to bring a pandemic to this country. His was an act of war, every bit as much as an ISIS attempt to infect America would be.
If it is determined that ISIS is responsible for any Ebola attack on the U.S., as a citizen, I would demand that our government respond in kind with an Ebola attack upon any country that allows ISIS to operate within it’s borders. You must be willing to use the same weapons against an enemy that they use on you.
If it is determined that Ebola spread because Thomas E. Duncan’s family/relatives refused to obey quarantine orders and had to guarded for violating said quarantine orders, then they should be denied treatment if they become stricken with Ebola. We must not reward them for breaking quarantine . If it becomes policy that quarantine breakers will not be treated and that those complying with quarantine will receive the best of care, compliance with quarantines would be much more likely.

(I don’t believe in “ex-post facto” laws” so the current relatives of “EbolaTom” would not be liable for this violation, and it takes time for laws to be passed.)
Now, my wife says why must my “solutions” involve killing the suckers. I think a tough policy will lead to fewer potential infections, and possibly also saving the lives of potentially millions of others who will no longer be infected by quarantine breakers. It’s easier to put out a brushfire than a forest fire. There is good reason to be at war with “Ebola” from the very beginning, before the fires spread and overwhelm our “firefighters”.
I don’t believe that it’s GOD’s will that we sit on our hands awaiting the second coming, but that we continue to do our best. Maybe the best we can do is break the chains that spread Ebola. I will speak out for what I believe will save the most lives. If I’m wrong, may the Lord have mercy on my soul.

Lord, grant me the ability to work in thy will. In Christ’s name, I pray, Amen.


mike martinMike Martin thanks you for the opportunity to express “different points of views”, and if you were to ask his family they would probably tell you that he’s as different as they come….