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HAZMAT AIRLINES: Passenger Spotted At Dulles Airport In Full Hazmat Gear

This is getting freaky. This passenger was seen wearing a hazmat suit at Dulles Airport in DC. Check it out…

Ebola fears in America reached a whole new level on Wednesday, when a passenger at Washington, DC’s Dulles Airport was seen wearing a partial-Hazmat suit while waiting for a flight.

The unidentified woman was seen sitting in an airport lounge, wearing a transparent blue plastic suit, on the same say a second nurse was diagnosed with the deadly disease in Dallas, Texas. The suit did not fully cover her arms, leaving her wrists exposed.

According to the Daily Caller which published the picture on Wednesday, the photographer who supplied their reporter the picture did not approach the woman to ask why she had gone to such extreme lengths.

America’s ‘patient zero’ Thomas Eric Duncan flew into Texas last month from Liberia, with a layover at Dulles, but health officials say he was not showing symptoms of the virus at that point and therefore unable to spread the disease.

However, Amber Vinson,  the second nurse to contract the disease after treating Duncan, flew on a commercial flight with a low-grade fever on Monday, the day before she admitted herself to the hospital with further symptoms of the virus.

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