HOW IRONIC: Obama’s Credit Card Gets Denied At Restaurant in NYC

Published on October 17, 2014

Looks like Obama doesn’t have unlimited spending when it comes to his personal credit card. Check it out…

President Obama came perilously close to having to wash some dishes on his recent trip to New York.

Mr. Obama revealed Friday that his credit card was rejected when he went to pay for his meal at a New York restaurant during the U.N. General Assembly gathering last month.

“Turns out I guess I don’t use it enough,” so the payment wouldn’t go through, Mr. Obama explained.

“Apparently they thought there was some fraud going on,” Mr. Obama joked at a meeting Friday with employees of the Consumer Financial Protection Board, adding that “even I am affected” by the difficulties of dealing with the American financial system. The remarks were picked up by the C-SPAN feed of the event.

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