ISLAMIC STATE SEX SLAVES: Yazidi Girl Tells Of Her Horrific Ordeal After Escaping To Turkey

Published on October 12, 2014

For those who think Islam is ‘just like’ Christianity … uh … no it’s not.

A 15-year-old girl has revealed how she escaped Isis militants by drugging and shooting two husbands who bought her as a slave.

The teenager, who has been kept anonymous to protect her family, was one of hundreds of women from the Yazidi sect who extremists kidnapped after overrunning their homes on Iraq’s Mount Sinjar.

The women and girls were trafficked to Isis strongholds, where survivors say many were raped. The captives were said to include girls as young as five.

Now one survivor has spoken to the Associated Press news agency from her Iraqi homeland, where she has returned to live with what is left of her family in a makeshift roadside shelter.

Rocking back and forth as she spoke after asking her relatives to leave the room, she told a staggering tale of courage against the kidnappers – who are still holding her two sisters.

Her father, other brothers and other male relatives have vanished, their fates unknown.

First, she said, she and other girls were taken to the nearby town of Tal Afar, where she was kept in the Badosh Prison until U.S. air strikes began.

The militants then moved her and many other girls to the city of Mosul, the biggest Isis stronghold in Iraq, before moving them again to a house in the militants’ Syrian garrison of Raqqa.

‘They took girls to Syria to sell them,’ she said, her body hunched over as she spoke.

‘I was sold in Syria. I stayed about five days with my two sisters, then one of my sisters was sold and taken (back) to Mosul, and I remained in Syria.’

In Raqqa, she said, she was married off to a Palestinian man – who she shot after obtaining a gun from the man’s aggrieved housekeeper.

She fled, but had nowhere to run. So she went to the only place she knew – the house where she was first held with the other girls in Raqqa.

The militants did not recognise her but sold her off again for $1,000 (£620) to a Saudi fighter, she said.

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