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WHAT A JACKASS: Ebola Patient ‘Knew’ He Had Virus, Flew To U.S. To Survive

The Liberian man with Ebola in Dallas reportedly knew that he had Ebola before coming to America. Check it out…

Standing in the arrivals lounge of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport this is the moment Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan unwittingly brought the deadly virus to the USA.

Pictured moments after he completed his journey from disease-ravaged Liberia, two weeks ago, the 42-year-old smiles, as he is greeted warmly by relatives.

Holding a family member close he calls others on his cell phone to tell them he will shortly be arriving at their home in Dallas.

It follows a journey he was only able to make after he allegedly lied on an airport questionnaire in Liberia about not having any contact with a person infected with the deadly disease.

Texas Health Resources, which runs the hospital, said in a statement: ‘Mr Duncan is in a critical condition.’

However the relative – who MailOnline have decided not to name – appears to have initially been in denial about the risk to her health after her extended family and friends contacted her following Mr Duncan’s hospital admission last week.

A friend told MailOnline: ‘She is the one who went to pick Thomas Eric Duncan up from the airport.

‘They greeted each other, they hugged and held each other, which is only normal. They were pleased to see each other.

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