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LAND OF THE FREE–Home of the Chiefs. What?!

This last Monday Night Football game of Patriots versus Kansas City Chiefs may well be a landmark in American football. The worldwide stage was set for all to see live, so let the strange-meet-strange begin…and it did.

The next day news buzz was all about a now infamous incident where KCC Husain Abdullah ran in a touchdown and proceeded to give allah a bow down and butt-up in the Patriots end zone…which I found personally disgusting. This was delivered live to us on the heels of just days after an American Christian women was beheaded in a neighboring state. Because of that alone, the whole butt in the air thing became doubly repulsive.

Is America headed for a recession?

Thankfully the ref penalized him 15 yards for excessive celebration. Abdullah’s penalty was clearly the pièce de résistance to the night. At that point it was time to call it a night, plus the Pats were losing big time…sad face.

Yet, an earlier event of the night is what first captured our attention. Even though it was all but out shadowed by Abdullah’s stunt. Therefore it didn’t make the news as a “worthy story” compared to all the many Americans having a pity party for the penalty Adullah received. Some had remarked that Abdullah’s actions were no different than those of Tim Tebow’s. I beg to differ!

So, back to Monday Night Football‘s first shut-my-mouth moment. In a departure from the norm, our National Anthem was not being belted out by some recording star, or an aficionado of the voice scale, aka one who makes singing along an impossibility. Those in charge of selecting the who, what and where which opens the night’s event, must have been drinking the poisoned Kool-Aid or smoking Abdullah’s Hooka. Those in charge threw much caution to the wind in letting the crowd control this most sacred part of all our American sporting events moments…the signing of our National Anthem.

To start with, for the first several moments everyone, that being the crowd and players, were singing a different part of the anthem, at the same time…It was terrible. Just see if a crowd controlled rendition of our National Anthem is ever given a second chance; I doubt it. Then just when one was ready to give up on crowd cohesiveness…they came together and redeemed themselves with one voice starting with “And the rockets’ red glare…”

I was so proud of them finally figuring out where in the music the words fit in. Almost done now, “The land of the free”…hold it… pause and take a breath before continuing. “And the home of the brave!” Yeah, you made it!

No…WTH??? They didn’t say “brave” nope. The crowd yelled “Chiefs,” yep. That they did. When the Heartland of America disrespects our National Anthem…Well, times they are a chang’n.

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