LOOK OVER THERE! The Emperor has No Ideas

Written by Rob Morse on October 3, 2014

We see a growing contradiction between what we are told about America and what we experience. Government spokesmen now sell failure as a virtue. The media sells us spin. Their news doesn’t match our lives. The conflict between their words and our reality grows every day. No wonder we don’t believe Obama press releases or the news media. The Middle East isn’t the only place Obama started a war and lied about it.

There is a war against industry. Politicians told us that the tidal wave of environmental regulations that closed our factories and destroyed our jobs was really making us better off. They said we are better off because the landscape is now empty and unspoiled. Ignore those empty factories and our empty wallets.

There is a war against enterprise. We were told that the higher taxes and regulations that killed jobs and raised prices are really making us better off by giving us more leisure time and unemployment benefits. Ignore the people who’ve moved back home to keep a roof over their heads.

There is a war against the family. We’re told that the reluctantly divorced are really better off now that men and women are equally alienated. Ignore the unhappy men, women and children struggling to put their broken lives back together.

There is a war against the military. We’re told that our failed foreign policy and weakened military actually make us safer. They said we are safer in a violent world because weakness is really strength. Ignore the terrorists crossing our borders.
From race.. to self-defense.. to medical care, the message is the same; we’re told one thing and we see another.

Those are a hard bunch of lies to sell to the American people. Most of us don’t believe the lies anymore despite the pretty commentator and artful speech writer. We live in a political era of lost government e-mails and lost hope. What promised to be the most transparent presidential administration in history was revealed as the most transparently corrupt on record. We believe the evidence of our eyes.

The truth is the truth. Men and women discover the truth despite media propaganda. We discovered that liberal ideology doesn’t work. We found out that big government works for big political donors, but not for the little people. We found out that The Emperor has no new ideas. What a surprise.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people each second Tuesday in November.

Image; http://www.descargandolamemoria.com/2012/03/stress-thinking-la-foto-1600-x-1200-pix.html