NASTY OPTION: Obama’s ‘Saying’ vs. Hillary’s ‘Doings’

Written by Steve Bowers on October 20, 2014

Obama wants to “Degrade” and maybe…sorta’…kinda’…if nobody gets upset about it…”destroy” ISIS. Don’t hold your breath. With his sort of person just saying something wishful is the equivalent of actually doing something.

Hillary by contrast “does” things. For instance, she denied the Heroes of Benghazi the ammunition they were begging for. (OK, we don’t know that she was the one who actually made the call and got those guys killed…but someone on her watch at State did. She operates in “real time” and got those guys really dead. She doesn’t just talk and toss off platitudes. Like her community organizing boss.

But Obama just talks. Now with the evolving and “non-degrading” Ebola crisis he is saying we need to “Upgrade” our response protocol. (Did he actually say such a thing or did I dream that?) (Does the “we” he talks about include him ever?) (Will a Hazmat Jumpsuit hinder his crappy golf game?)

To him and his ilk having good intentions is good enough. But, if we’re discussing the good intentions of those he deems his political enemies, that’s different. The intentions of those he disfavors are, by definition: inadequate/inappropriate/greed y/scurrilous/typically white folksie/devious/malicious /harmful /hateful and…of course…racist. And we’re not even going to mention those nasty false, cooked-up, totally bogus phony scandals those rumor mongering Republicans are always trotting out. When Obama accuses someone of dissing him and his incompetent cronies for anyone of his innumerable scandals…well…he’s talkin’ real and palpable EVIL!

On the other hand…maybe he’s finally got a plan to do something in “real time.” Maybe his legacy will only be a boondoggle like Obamacare and not one that mimics those silly apocalyptic movies that have unburied ubiquitous corpses littering Ward and June Cleaver’s street.

Just a quick query…does Obamacare cover burial expenses when the mode is of necessity mass burial or big funeral pyres that light up the night sky like in the movies? Maybe I’m just “Oprahing out” because of that prediction of 10,000 infections per month…or was it per week?

Obama promised “Change” if elected…but who’d have predicted he would “remake America” into something right out of Hollywood. The dark side of Hollywood? And this, potentially his greatest legacy, he will have accomplished by doing practically nothing. Now, that’s real talent.

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Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.