PETA Goes After A Virginia High School For Their Football Team’s Lion Mascot

Written by Gayne C. Young on October 27, 2014

PETA did a lot of whining about animals this past weekend. Here’s a look at their latest beef…er…complaint.

The anti-hunting, anti-meat eating, anti-leather wearing group is upset with Bubba the Lion. Or actually the fact that Bubba the lion exists. Bubba is the mascot of the Louisa County High School Lions in Virginia and has made appearances at football games since 2005.

PETA has deemed this is not only cruel to Bubba but dangerous to those around him. PETA representative, Brittany Peet told The Central Virginian:

“Regardless of how long they’ve been kept in captivity, animals such as tigers and lions are distressed and terrified by the overwhelming noise, crowds and confusion they experience at such events as sports games – as well as by the jarring sounds of fireworks and cannons that are used at events such as yours.”

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Bubba’s owner Dr. Jim Lavender, a self-proclaimed animal activist himself, disagrees. He told the paper, “We let the animals decide. If the animal doesn’t enjoy it, we don’t make them do it.”

So far Bubba seems to enjoy it.


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