PIERS MORGAN: ‘Selfless’ Ebola Nurse Is Utterly Selfish, 3wks Quarantine Won’t Kill Her

Published on October 30, 2014

Is Piers right on or way off?

By Piers Morgan, Mail Online

It’s not hard to take sides in the Battle of Ebola Quarantine.

In the blue corner, weighing in at over 300 pounds, is big, nasty bullyboy Governor from New Jersey, Chris Chriiiisssstttiieeee.

In the red corner, weighing in at less than 150 pounds, is kind, caring, gentle, heroine nurse Kaci Hickox.
At this point the fight would be stopped, right?

Christie is not a man who engenders much empathy these days.

Since Bridge-gate, when his vile staffers closed America’s busiest bridge to damage a political opponent, he’s seen his Presidential aspirations burn up faster than an Ebola fever.

But I’ve always liked his brash, tough-talking, no-nonsense style and on the issue of Ebola quarantine, Christie is 100% right.

My own view is that Nurse Hickox, like Dr Spencer, is an exceptionally brave person whose work in West Africa has been quite astonishingly selfless.

In that sense, she is absolutely a heroine.

But as we saw with Dr Spencer, her behaviour since she returned to America has been equally astonishing – in its reckless selfishness.

If I were running this Ebola fight in America – and I am just as qualified to do so as the newly-appointed Ebola Czar – I wouldn’t trust America’s medics to ‘self-quarantine’ because as we have seen, they will either refuse to comply or lie about it.

I would make a 21-day quarantine mandatory for every single doctor and nurse who returns from treating Ebola patients in Africa.

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