REALITY BITES: Take Doug Giles’ Warrior Or Wussy Test

Pictured: Left, Joseph Kapacziewski, author of “Back in the Fight: The Explosive Memoir of a Special Operator Who Never Gave Up”


The following is from Doug Giles’ book, The Bulldog Attitude:

The Warrior Test

1. Do you have clear-cut desires backed up by the commitment to see it fulfilled?

2. Are you always in action working toward your plan?

3. Is your mind closed to all negative and discouraging influences from foes, ‘friends’ and family?

4. Do you hang out with people who are superior to you in what they have accomplished and who utterly challenge you to excellence?

5. Are you self-reliant and independent?

6. Do you take responsibility for your life, both failures and successes?

7. Do you hate it when you waste time?

8. Do you look at life as a game to be played and played like a champ?

9. Have you become impervious to the criticisms of small men and women?

10. Do you boldly face your fears with faith and move towards your goals?


The Wussy Test

1. Do you complain often?

2. Do you avoid association with people greater than you?

3. Does your life seem futile and your future hopeless?

4. Do you often feel self-pity?

5. Are you envious of those who excel you?

6. Do you worry a lot?

7. Are you overly cautious and negative?

8. Are you indifferent and lacking in ambition and enthusiasm?

9. Do you constantly use excuses and alibis to explain why you haven’t accomplished anything?

10. Do you often fantasize about lying on your couch watching Netflix while Obama takes care of you?


41YQS4TDSGL._SL500_AA300___05778.1410465942.600.600Tally up the yes’s from each of the tests. Which one has the majority? If there are more yes’s on the Wussy test, you need to buy my book and obey it. You need it badly. You can change. Being a Warrior does not come by chance—it is a choice.

Doug Giles

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