SHE’S A BAD BS ARTIST: Watch Debbie Wasserman Schultz Turn Into A Lying Freak Of A Train Wreck

Published on October 24, 2014

I actually think I saw crap fumes emit from her head as she was coming apart at the seams during that cross examination. Enjoy.

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was unable to name a single Senate race in which President Obama has campaigned.

Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin asked Wasserman Schultz why Bill Clinton has been campaigning in competitive Senate races instead of Obama.

“The president is campaigning in competitive races during this election cycle,” Wasserman Schultz said, deliberately avoiding the word “Senate.”

After a slew of unsatisfying answers and some Deb-splaining, co-host John Heilemann made an effort to call Wasserman Schultz out for avoiding the crux of the question.

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