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STAY CLASSY CNN: CNN Thinks Bristol Palin Being Called a ‘F—ing C—’ Is Funny?

They should try that on a gay, black or Muslim. I wonder what would happen?

This week, TMZ obtained and released audio from police of a distraught and upset Bristol Palin, talking about the incidents that preceded the brawl. She says, “Some guy gets up, pushes me down on the grass, drags me across the grass, [and says] ‘You slut, you f—ing c—, you f—ing this.”

On CNN, female anchor Carol Costello breezily introduced the segment this way: “Okay. I’m just going to come right out and say it. This is quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we’ve ever come across – well, come across in a long time anyway.” Then, Costello advised the audience before playing the audio of Bristol, “Sit back and enjoy.”

Because it’s so funny when a young woman is pushed down and dragged and called sexually derogatory terms to boot.

It doesn’t matter whether Bristol’s—or any of the Palin family members’—actions in the brawl were defensible. She doesn’t deserve, because no woman ever deserves, to be treated how she was.

If a recording of an emotional Clinton or Obama talking about being attacked and cussed out surfaced, the airwaves and the Internet would be full of discussions about how women still don’t get the respect they deserve, even in 2014.

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