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TERROR ALERT: 3 Elementary Schools Receive Threats That Beheadings Will Occur This Week

Well, here’s another good reason to home-school. I wonder when the ‘progressives’ will start banning knives? Check it out.

Police on Tuesday received an anonymous threat in the form of a letter stating that beheadings were planned in three Rhode Island schools across these cities: Johnston, Warwick, and Cranston.

The contents of the letter which were kept confidential initially, detailed that the attacks would be carried out between Wednesday and Friday of this week.

After parents were notified of the possible threat, many parents kept their children at home, and hundreds of comments on Facebook began to accumulate:

“School should be cancelled in those cities tomorrow until they figure out if it is a real threat. Why risk kids and teacher’s lives?” one of the comments said.

According to officials, the threats have yet to be validated.

The school did increase their security measures, however, as all three schools moved their recess periods indoors. Doors will also remained locked, and I.D.’s will be checked for anyone attempting to gain entrance into the schools. Additionally, police will be present in the schools, both undercover and uniformed over the course of the next few days.

Warwick Police Chief Stephen McCartney in a statement said:

“While the words are very chilling, I certainly would want to emphasize that the safest place right now is in school. I’ve got a police officer in every school and so do the other jurisdictions. We are providing the security that is necessary. We know that whoever did this decided to create the most chaos he could by picking on the most vulnerable.”

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