THEY’RE A PAIN IN THE ASS: Guess What Festival Muslims Are Targeting Now?

Published on October 27, 2014

Ah, the religion of peace…expecting everyone to conform to their ways. So much tolerance. Check this out…

These days it seems like Muslims the world over are frequently offended by Christians. Unfortunately such sensitivity affects a lot of people who simply want to have a good time, and in the case of this story from Malaysia, celebrate an innocent holiday known as Halloween.

Apparently, after getting word of a Halloween celebration to take place at Seremban international school, Muslim groups around the country immediately began to complain about the celebration, citing it could possibly, “dilute the identities of the Muslim students in the said school.”

Deputy president of the Muslim group known as Ikatan Guru Muslim Malaysia, Mohd Azizee Hassan, said that the Halloween celebration is inappropriate as it “clashes with Malaysian culture and traditions.” Hassan has also pressured the state education department to investigate the matter.
Though the Halloween celebration is something that students of the school look forward to, Hassan is scared to death that the remotely Christian holiday will rub off on Muslim students and specifically said that he worries if, “the program proceeds, it could destroy and threaten the faith of our Muslim students in the school,” he added. Talk about absurd.
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