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UH, DUH: Obama Spends More Time on Golf Than on National Security

But rest assured when we get attacked again by the Religion Of Peace it’ll be Bush’s fault or Clapper’s. Carry On.

On average, it takes four hours to play a round of golf. President Obama has played about 200 rounds since he took office. That’s 800 hours.

It takes about 45 minutes for him to receive a national security briefing. Most days he skips those briefings–almost 60% of the time, in fact. So he’s spent about 700 hours receiving intelligence briefings.

700 hours on national security; 800 hours on golf. Actually, it gets even worse if you count his travel time going to and from golf courses.

Also, Obama has done about 400 fundraisers while in office. Typically they’re 2-3 hours each, and often more. So he’s also spent more time raising money at swankyevents than in national security briefings.

So if you wonder why Obama claims to be surprised by what terrorists do and what hostile powers do, now you know.

With insights, I’m Ernest Istook.

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