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THE WAR ON EBOLA: Mother of Solider Slams Obama For Deploying Troops To Africa to Fight Ebola

Obama sends troops to fight Ebola, who can potentially be infected with it themselves, but doesn’t send troops to fight ISIS. Is it supposed to make sense? Check out this Mama’s rage…

In the wake of the Obama administration’s decision to deploy troops to Liberia to aid in combating the deadly Ebola virus, the mother of one of the soldiers heading to Africa is speaking out against it, and she’s quite unhappy.

Judy Turner spoke with WND about her anger with Obama’s decision, saying that she finds herself “constantly amazed” at the many different ways this administration finds “to put my military son’s life in danger.”

Turner is upset that Obama is recklessly sending troops to Africa to deal with the disease because they lack the proper training.

“They are not medical units; they are not trained medically,” she said. “They are not social workers. My son has said before that he’s not a peacekeeper and he’s not a medical missionary. He says he doesn’t want to be. So, why are doing this? What is the purpose? Tell me!”

Turner knows a thing or two about hazardous materials after working in a nuclear power plant and having to follow safety procedures.

“It was a process that I had to go through, and it took at least two people to help me go through putting on the protective gear for radiation. I know what that kind of process entails, and he’s never been taught that. We had to put on protective gear to cover every inch of skin. We had to put on special booties and we had to know how to put on all of that gear,” she explained.

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