The White House Won’t Meet With Marines But They Will Meet With Beyonce!

Published on October 1, 2014

Obama doesn’t have time to talk to the “serfs” of America, but he sure does have time for Beyonce and Jay-Z to come over. Check it out…

There was a time in America where a citizen could walk right up and knock on the door of the White House. After all, it was the peoples’ house- the president is supposed to work for us.

According to a report from, to raise awareness of the plight of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, an American citizen who lingers in a Mexican prison due to a simple mistake where he accidentally brought firearms into the country, two former Marines, Terry Sharpe and Allen Brown, traveled hundreds of miles.

Sharpe walked from Summerfield, N.C., and was joined by and was joined by Brown of Danville, Va. The two walked the hundreds of miles and arrived at the White House and were accompanied by a police escort and many who followed their example and walked in a showing of solidarity with Sgt. Tahmooressi.

The two Vietnam veterans, who were strangers before the trek, were denied entry to the White House and were not permitted to speak with the President. No official greeted the duo, either.

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