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ANOTHER BEHEADING: ISIS Posts New Video Beheading American Hostage, Peter Kassig, and Mass Murder of Syrian Air Force Personnel

Can we please bomb the crap out of these monsters?

A masked jihadist today issued a chilling threat to the West in a video purporting to show the severed head of a U.S. aid worker and a mass murder of Syrian soldiers.

Speaking in the now-familiar London accent of Islamic State executioner-cum-spokesman Jihadi John, the militant issues the bloodcurdling threat in the group’s latest propaganda video.

Later in the same video, which emerged today, it is claimed that another Western hostage, the aid worker and former U.S. army ranger Peter Kassig, has also been executed.

A severed head said to Mr Kassig’s is shown at the end of the near 16-minute long clip, which was uploaded to video sharing sites and publicised via Twitter.

But it is at the beginning of an earlier scene, showing the graphic mass murder of Syrian air force personnel, that the masked militant issues his threat against civilians in the U.S. and UK.

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