Apocalypto: Kagan, Bar The Door

Written by Donald Joy on November 21, 2014

Just how much will patriotic American citizens take?  Millions of conservatives are expressing utter disgust and anger at this latest criminal act by an alien Oval Office occupier intent on transforming our country into a land more closely resembling the ritual mass-beheading scenes from Mel Gibson’s film Apocalypto than the one we grew up in.  Obama flouts the Constitution and sneers at the American people with his announcement of unlegislated de facto amnesty for millions of La Raza’s Aztlan Reconquistadors, and he dares anyone to stop him.

We’ve seen the numerous video clips from recent years showing Obama himself repeatedly describing, in his own clear and unmistakable words, such unilateral presidential action as being illegal; the plainly unconstitutional abuse of power.  The videos have been played and replayed on TV and everywhere else — not that blatant evidence of wrongdoing has ever mattered to him or to most in his party.

Democrats are lying when they defiantly claim that previous presidents of both parties have done the same thing Obama has just done.  Past presidents merely used executive orders only to modify and augment pieces of properly passed immigration legislation which had been debated and voted on by the United States Congress.  By cooperating with a willing Congress, they acted in accordance with the will of the people as expressed through our elected representatives.

As a bitterly wounded and even more spiteful (than he was already) lame duck following what amounted to an electoral holocaust for his policies and his party, Obama’s pathologically narcissistic personality now refuses to go through the legal process at all.  Instead of working with Congress to create, sign, enact, and/or augment new immigration legislation (which isn’t needed anyway; what is and has always been needed is the long-neglected simple enforcement of existing laws), he thinks he can thumb his nose at us and just make his own rules, in direct violation of the law, and maybe even get away with it.

Can he?

Many outraged patriots are talking about rising up en masse against Obama’s tyrannical regime and stopping it by force, if the Republican leaders we just resoundingly elected to stop him by more polite formal means fail to do so.  Yes, there are rumors of civil war.

Republicans in the House of Representatives should first sue the Obama administration to seek a judicial ruling and remedy against Obama’s usurpations.  To their credit, they are doing so once more where Obamacare is concerned, and appear likely to succeed this time — however, John Boehner has so far declined to include Obama’s executive amnesty overreach as part of that lawsuit.  Obviously, it is imperative that this be done, immediately, and it is imperative that the Supreme Court save us from the impending jeopardy of widespread civil unrest and even violence by countervailing against Obama’s attempt at flagrant despotism.

We need an emergency injunction against Obama from the black-robed branch of the federal government — the balancers of power who, after all, have sworn to slam the brakes on all such wild, reckless abuses of the Executive.  Even the most liberal of the Justices must see that Obama is not merely supplementing existing law with his amnesty declaration.  He is, for the umpteenth time throughout his administration, displaying open contempt for the idea of operating within any passed law.

Whether this scofflaw foreigner Obama will actually comply with a SCOTUS ruling against this dictatorial decree of administrative amnesty for millions of illegal invaders remains to be seen.  If not, impeachment and removal from office must take place.  Barring that happening, all bets are off.

Lock and load.

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Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.