AWFUL, BUT NO SURPRISE: Man Killed in Gun Free Zone

Written by Angel Rodriguez on November 20, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, I am sure that by now most of you have heard the story about the old Chinese man in New York City who was pushed into the train tracks. This is New York City, a gun-free zone. What I have always referred to as a safe haven for criminals. That doesn’t ring truer than it does with this man, the dirt bag, Kevin Darden, who pushed Mr. Wai Keun Kwok into the train tracks.

Allow me to elaborate what I mean. You see, the perpetrator is what we call a career criminal. This man had been arrested 30 times, spent time in prison, and was back out on the streets. In the past, he attempted to torch a home, and that was just one out of the 29 other criminal actions. However, this guy was still on the streets.

An innocent man is dead today. His wife watched helplessly as he was run over by three train cars before the train came to a full stop. The assailant apparently pushed him in front of the train with no real reason. It is said that earlier that month he had an altercation with another gentleman in a train station. In fact, I believe that is how and why they found him, the other guy!

So never mind the 30 other criminal offenses that this guy committed, which tell me he should not be free. Let’s just talk about these last two offenses. I contend that if the first attack victim had a gun, perhaps Wai Keun Kwok would still be alive, and Kevin Darden would be the one who is dead today. However, like I said before, we live in a gun-free zone.

In the latest Hidden Report radio show, I spoke about self-defense, the pansy way. New York City basically handcuffs you. Over here they put you in a position where defending your life can easily lead to jail time, or other forms of punishment from the police. The system is set up in a way that it benefits the bad guys.

What better example than this criminal, who had encountered the law 30 times before he finally got caught taking a life. This man was attempting to torch a home. It should have been clear that he has some serious mental, or violent problems. He should have never been on the streets. 

It is a sad state of affairs when an innocent man dies because the government, and the laws that are in place, failed to protect us. They strip our right to defend ourselves, they want us to depend on them, but then they fail to save innocent people like this man. I am a firm believer in defending yourself, but the powers that be in New York City have forsaken its citizens in that arena. They have attempted to create a breed of victims. To this, I say, hell no! I will not succumb and comply with this victim mentality you are attempting to push on us.

I obey the law; I follow the rules. Because of this, I do not carry a gun on me outside of my home. However, though I would very much prefer to be carrying my 9 mm pistol, do not assume that just because I don’t have her that I am going to be a helpless victim. I train my hands, I train my legs, and I train my body with the skills necessary to defend myself. In addition to that, I carry tools to aid in my self-defense. I will not be a victim to your ridiculous, handcuffing laws. 

How many more innocent lives will have to be lost in this wretched, liberal cesspool of a city before these idiots in power realize what they are doing?



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