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BOOM: Megyn Kelly UNLOADED on Al Sharpton for Being a Race Pimp in Ferguson

Megyn Kelly goes off on Sharpton for fanning the flames of violence in Ferguson. Check it out…

Kelly played a clip of St. Louis Prosecutor Bob McCulloch giving the grand jury’s decision Monday evening, where he repeatedly told the media that there were African-America witnesses who said that robbery suspect Michael Brown was the aggressor towards Officer Darren Wilson when he was shot, showing that the shooting wasn’t racially motivated, according to Mediaite. Joined by legal analyst Arthur Aidala, Kelly proceeded to rip Sharpton, and the thousands of people tearing their town apart, to shreds over their willful ignorance.

“I guarantee you that soundbite’s not gonna go everywhere tomorrow,” Kelly said. “They’re not gonna play that for the protestors who are saying that this is a racial thing and that… the fix was in.”

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