BUSTED: Pregnant Panhandler Filmed Driving Off In $55,000 Mercedes AGAIN, But Now With Newborn

Published on November 12, 2014

Some people have no shame. Check this out…

The images from San Diego angered and shocked millions – a heavily pregnant woman begging with a young boy at her feet who then laughed as she was driven away in a Mercedes Benz.

And now that woman has been found at it again a few days later. Only this time, she appears to have given birth and the man who drove her away is denying he owns a luxury car.

A member of the public who had seen the original story of the woman caught begging last week outside Eastlake Village Center recognized the gang on Tuesday and called up her local news station.

Once there, a reporter for 10News in San Diego confronted the woman, who was holding a newborn baby, the boy and the man.

The reporter, Emily Valdez, was told by the viewer that she had seen the man and woman holding a sign asking for money in the University City mall.

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