DANGEROUS SELFIE: Photographer Peter Verhoog Snaps Selfie With Passing Great White shark

Peter Verhoog isn’t very bright.

This because he took a selfie with a Great White shark to show that, “People are not a prey for great white sharks.”

Tell that to the people that have been killed by Great Whites.

Wait. He can’t. Those people are dead.

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Mr. Verhoog, a director at the Dutch Shark Society, said he began taking selfies with sharks for fun but later realized that the pics could be used to, “…show people what sharks are like” and that “…when behaving normally, there is no danger [ in swimming with them].”

This in upon itself is dangerous because the last thing any sane person should do is encourage people to interact up close and personal with wild animals.

Wild animals – including sharks – are just that: Wild.

And wild is often dangerous.

Stay in the shark cage next time Mr. Verhoog.

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