DARREN WILSON: Brown would ‘be alive if he just followed orders’

Published on November 26, 2014

It doesn’t make a difference to the mainstream media, this is still only about race to them.

St Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulluch revealed on Monday that Wilson was trying to arrest Brown in connection to a reported robbery the day the 18-year-old was shot dead.

Wilson says he was driving to get lunch that day when he came across Brown and his friend Johnson walking down the middle of a street in Ferguson, and that he pulled up next to them and asked them to move to the sidewalk.

He says the two ignored his request and it was then that he noticed Brown carrying a handful of cigarillos – the same items stolen in a convenience store robbery he heard reported over the his police radio earlier.

Wilson says he ‘probably never would have noticed the cigarillos’ if Brown ‘had just followed orders’. Wilson says he would have left the two alone, and driven off in search of food as he was doing before.

Instead, Wilson says Brown was defensive from the start of their conversation, saying ‘f*** what you have to say’ when the officer asked him to move off the street.

Noticing the cigarillos in Brown’s hand, and how Johnson’s clothing matched the description in the robbery report, Wilson called for back-up and then pulled his car out in front of the pair to block their path.

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