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DEATH TO KENDALL JONES: Anti-Hunting Artist Sells Prints Of Huntress Killed By A Lion

Charming, eh? Here we go … once again … the tree-humping, doe-eyed, bunny lovers celebrating the death of a teen all because she legally hunts non-endangered game. These folks are bat crap crazy. Check it out.

Via Etsy – This piece was based on a series of photos that went viral when they were posted on Facebook. It showed a Texas college cheerleader named Kendall Jones who went on African safaris where she shot a variety of animals for sport. Some of the animals she killed were endangered species. Those photos caused massive controversy.

For this piece I imagined a scenario where that same cheerleader tried to kill the wrong lion only to have that lion kill her then post photos of his kill on Facebook. The lion’s friends respond approvingly.

I originally illustrated this (in pencil, ink, and watercolor) then scanned it into the computer. I brought it into Adobe Illustrator where I digitized it. Then I brought it into Adobe Photoshop where I did a mockup that looked like the lion made a Facebook post about his kill. Afterwords I printed it out and pasted it on a painted woodblock using Modge Podge.

The piece measures 7 inches x 5 inches (18 cm x 13 cm) and it comes ready to hang if you choose to hang it on a wall. The block is also thick enough that you could even display it on a desk or mantle without hanging it.