WHY DOESN’T THE IRS TARGET HIM: Al Sharpton Owes $4.5 MILLION in Unpaid Taxes

Published on November 19, 2014

Hmm, I wonder if Sharpton has ever been unfairly targeted by the IRS?

With his perfectly tailored pinstripe suits, Reverend Al Sharpton does a good job of concealing the fact that he’s millions of dollars in debt to the IRS.

Thanks to years of mismanaging personal and company funds, the prominent civil rights activist and his businesses currently owe a staggering $4.5million in state and federal tax liens, the New York Times reports.

While Sharpton told the paper that he is up to date on payment plans for both debts, state officials told the paper that his state taxes have actually gone up $220,000 in recent years.

It was also revealed that his non-profit organization, National Action Network, was only able to continue operating for years because it stopped paying federal payroll taxes for a period.

All the while, Sharpton has continued to fly first class and rake in a $250,000 salary from the non-profit.

Sharpton told the Times that his tax debts were not intentional, and that he is staying on top of payment plans.

‘You can say I’m not a great administrator,’ he said. ‘You can’t say that I’m not committed.’

When the story came out, he responded saying it was ‘absolutely inaccurate’.

‘We have a signed agreement,’ he told Fox News of his payment plan. ‘And what is in the agreement has been kept. We’ve been up to date. This is the most bogus story in the world.’

Sharpton started off his career as a community organizer who became known as a somewhat controversial advocate in the black community, at one point supporting a black teen named Tawana Brawley who claimed a group of white men kidnapped and raped her. Those allegations ended up being false.

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