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DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS: Armed Texans March Out to Meet #Ferguson Protesters in Dallas

Ferguson protesters should just not protest in Texas at all.

On Wednesday night, a number of protesters took to the streets of Dallas to stand in solidarity with the protesters of Ferguson, Mo., much like demonstrators did in other cities nationwide.

According to The Blaze, and by all other accounts, the protest remained entirely peaceful. However, it is possible that the peace was purchased by armed Texans that showed up and marched along behind the Michael Brown protesters.

Members of an open carry advocacy group called “Come and Take It” trailed along behind the protesters for the express purpose of stepping in and protecting private property should the crowd of protesters decide to escalate their demonstration into a violent and destructive riot.

“If, per chance, private property starts to be damaged this evening, we’ll put ourselves in between the crowd and private property,” member Matthew Short told WFAA.

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