EMPEROR OBAMA: How to Fight Back

Written by Paul Hair on November 23, 2014

Barack Hussein Obama has embraced the title of emperor now that he has openly declared war on law-abiding Americans; and the only way to stop him is to fight back against him and his allies with the same determination and passion they have in fighting us.

There are a handful of steps that officials and private citizens can take to fight back against and actually defeat Emperor Obama’s executive amnesty. However, launching lawsuits against him is not one of them. His executive action was in defiance of the law. So why would he care about obeying any lawsuits that Republicans would win?

Ignoring Obama’s lawlessness is the first proper step to defeating his lawlessness. Obama has no regard for the law. So why should anyone else? Another way of looking at it is that anyone who follows his lawless dictates will himself be engaging in lawlessness.

None of what Obama wants done with amnesty will happen if government officials refuse to obey his lawlessness. Ignore his amnesty executive action. Refuse to fund anything pertaining to it. Stop funding non-essential government if need be. (This is what is erroneously called a “government shutdown.”) These are all things that government leaders can do.

Secondly, the everyday citizen can unite with others and engage in civil disobedience. Lawyers, pundits, and other elites can argue all they want about whether Obama was “lawful” or had “precedent” in his lawlessness but all that can be rendered moot if citizens decide to engage in civil disobedience. Forcing the government to obey its masters is always the People’s prerogative and no amount of charlatans or sophists can stop that.

The third step is perhaps the most powerful step. Current state governors can start doing this immediately; the next Republican president should do it as well. This would end Obama’s lawlessness swiftly and definitively.

This third step would see Republican governors immediately announcing that the Democratic Party and the law enforcement system with regards to illegal aliens are both “broken, and everybody knows it.” The governors would then announce they are willing to work with the Democratic Party and illegal aliens to fix these dual problems. The solution to the problems would be that the government would confiscate all the property and assets of the Democrats and illegal aliens, and turn them over to law-abiding citizens so we can have better lives and resolve a human-rights crisis.

The Democratic Party and alien invaders inevitably would reject this offer to work together to resolve these undeniable problems. The governors would next announce they had attempted to reach out to the other side and work with them to resolve the problems but the other side rejected the offer. The governors would then, of course, be forced to act on their own.

The governors would subsequently declare they would exercise prosecutorial discretion and no longer prosecute anyone who commits a criminal act against Democrats or illegal aliens. They also would not prosecute anyone who would decide to round up and deport illegal aliens on his own. In fact, governors would grant blanket amnesty to all such people, and also proclaim that the nation had an obligation to work together to bring them out of the shadows. Furthermore, the governors would join in the efforts to round up and deport illegal aliens.

Once the next Republican president took office he would work with the governors on a national level and end any opposition the federal government might have been providing up until that time.

Emperor Obama is clearly at war with America and wants to destroy it. Americans can stop it if they are willing to fight back against him just as hard. But it will take some real leadership and dedication to accomplish that.

Image: http://mises.ca/posts/blog/obamas-despotism-and-kill-list/king-obama/


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