FERGUSON AND ISLAM: How CAIR Increases Its Ranks

Written by Audrey Russo on November 30, 2014

As we all come off our tryptophan/carbohydrate high…and clear the fog of all the Black Friday sales-mania…our hopes are that we’ve heard the last of Ferguson and their entrance onto Santa’s naughty list…

But alas…our hopes are dashed…

Our old “friends” CAIR have once again attempted to enter the fray to add to their ranks…

CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) or better know as the unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case, aka, the funding arm for Hamas in the US…have found a way to capitalize on the unrest in Ferguson.

Now, the strange bedfellows of Leftists/Islamists have a plethora of ways to benefit from any unrest in our Republic. One similarity Arab Muslims, like most members of CAIR, have to Leftists (i.e. Obama/Gruber) is: They think blacks are stupid and incapable of engaging the brain the Judeo-Christian God gave them.

It’s true, Obama and his ilk are too cagey to actually say that (well, Gruber did, but I digress)…what they do is capitalize on Black Rage: The fury some blacks have toward whites.

And there’s tons of illegitimate “Black Rage” fueled by Obama, Holder, Sharpton, et al. AND by Michael Brown’s stepfather, who’s displeasure with the Grand Jury verdict (based upon the evidence) provoked his egregious incitement: “Burn this b**ch down!”

This is the fodder that covens like CAIR feast upon in their desire to increase their ranks.

Black Rage usually focuses on people of a light skin hue, aka whites. Some elitists, like Bell Hooks, call it the Killing Rage, which she believes blacks are entitled to. Whatever you call it, it’s the same old lie peddled in prison, by Imams, to gain dedicated black converts: Your roots aren’t Christian, that’s the white man’s religion. Your roots are Muslim, in Africa.

It’s true that Muslims did commandeer a large part of Northern Africa…during their jihad “love” tour, by the sword for 450 years until the Crusades. They instituted slavery in African nations that were Christian. Their “friendship” initiative was halted by men such as Charles “the Hammer” Martel and his comrades, during the Crusades.

The hatred against “white devils” (aka Caucasians) is used by Arab Muslims to deceive blacks in this country to convert to Islam. Sadly, these American blacks never realize that they will never be equal to Arab Muslims, but rather always be viewed as slaves by Arab Muslims (the word for “black” and “slave” is the same in Arabic: Abed).

So, when CAIR smelled the rising smoke in Ferguson…out came their tentacle on Twitter

CAIR added its shriek to the Race-baiter-In-Chief by calling Ferguson what it was NOT: A racial crime.

Why? Because lying is something Leftists and Islamists treasure. ALL means to the same end: Enslavement.

In the case of CAIR…gaining more soldiers in the Jihad, more Dhimmi dupes for the Da’wah…and more funding for the North American Ummah.

CAIR can be reached at 1-666-BOW-2ALLAH.

Shalom through strength…

Image: http://www.tolucanoticias.com/2014/08/que-pasa-en-ferguson.html


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