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FERGUSON Reveals Lots About What’s Wrong

by Noreen O’Brien
Clash Daily Contributor

I didn’t want to write about Ferguson this week, I thought all had been said and there was nothing left to contribute. Unfortunately it wouldn’t stop nagging at me so here goes.

So Officer Wilson will not (at this writing at least) be indicted. I guess the looting of the Ferguson Liquor Store was to ease the pain. And the smashing of cars and store front windows was black aerobics.

Ferguson is the perfect example of Democrat rule, the point proven of government dependence. Ferguson is what happens when blacks believe what they’re told by their white liberal masters. Believing that government can do a better job of taking care of them and their offspring than immediate and extended families. I believe this rioting was a direct result of never learning to take responsibility for oneself.

Please spare me the disadvantaged spiel, the “but he grew up poor without the advantages given to white people.” The,” if only the community had more money.” Please get off your butt, make the money and give back.

When I see parents out looting with their small children I can’t help but wonder is it really whitey?? Is it the ghetto version of take your kids to work day? Or perhaps the black “community” that, instead of handing down grandma’s recipes, teaches each generation of the racism that is the U.S. You know keeping the racism of the past alive. That we’re this way because racism dictates our fate, we have nothing because America wants to keep us down. Change your curriculum!!

Am I really supposed to feel bad for people who taunt the police and carry the American flag upside down? People who have had every hand out and hand up imaginable. Help I have never been offered nor expected. People who call me racist for the color of my skin, not for the content of my character for daring to question the motives of any black leader.

Do the opportunists in Ferguson and now around the country really believe it was racism that killed Michael Brown or is this for the preservation of the status quo? Afraid if forced to examine their lives they may actually have to change and face the truths about themselves and the rest of America. Do they truly believe Obama was elected by the black vote alone or Will Smith became a millionaire just by ticket buying African Americans? And Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson’s stance could never hold up to close scrutiny and wouldn’t be lucrative without white pay offs.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the anger lies elsewhere? Perhaps the anger lies in themselves?
Right after the verdict, I was watching Sean Hannity and he happened to interview a councilwoman from Ferguson. I don’t remember her name I was too busy watching her and her less than gracious attitude. I call her “Councilwoman eye roller”. After answering a few of Hannity’s questions with nothing less than sarcasm, she stated she wanted to get back to her constituents, you know the ones burning down businesses and beating up an elderly man for his car??

I thought to myself, is this the representation? The people of Ferguson elect other people with the same view, same attitude and they wonder why they get nowhere?

I have an idea, elect people with ideas! Who wants to hear what you think are legitimate grievances parroted back to you?

I hear Michael Brown was called “the gentle giant” and aside from the fact giants are huge and scary he had been accepted to college for the fall. Was it the Al Sharpton school of Hucksters and Race Baiters?? The alumni include Al Sharpton, of course, Jesse Jackson, oh, and I hear Eric Holder teaches there in his spare time. I mean what would happen when Michael got his first F?

Also Michael’s mother stated that Officer Wilson just wanted to kill someone that night, I wonder if that’s how she felt when she beat her own mother with a pipe or did she feel like killing when her husband yelled “burn the bitch down”?

There will be more Fergusons; they will exist as long as race baiters like Sharpton, Jackson and Holder are allowed a platform. When children are taught racism at their parents knees. Until people are elected both locally and nationally that refuse to play this game. Until we all realize that the word “community” serves only to divide. We’re all one community, all one America.

Time to choose which master you will continue to serve, your own plantation mentality or the officials that choose to keep you there? Either way you lose.


Noreen O'BrienNoreen O’Brien is a college grad. with a degree in psychology. Noreen worked for years with troubled teens and their families until the revolving door of liberalism made success for these families impossible. She grew up on cape cod Ma., Sweden, France and England and now makes Maine her home.