GLENN BECK: Beck Reveals Massive Health Issues And A Warning ‘From God’ To Him

Published on November 11, 2014

Wow. Several of my conservative colleagues want to be the next Glenn Beck. I wonder if they will after reading this post. Heavy is the crown.

Glenn Beck on Monday revealed the true extent of his health issues, saying he can no longer keep what has happened a secret from his friends, his staff or audience, whom he considers to be his family.

If you have sensed a change in Beck — maybe you even thought he was losing interest in his program — Beck said it is because he was told he may only have several functional years left, and his health conditions were causing such excruciating pain that it was difficult to do live programming.

“Tonight’s show is not for the casual fan or, really, anyone in the press,” Beck said. “This is a one-on-one between friends. No one in the media ever does a show like this, because it is crazy. … But I believe that by not talking with you openly, it destroys everything of real meaning and value — namely, our trust.”

“While essential facts remained, life became fuzzy,” Beck continued. “This was happening at the same time the pain was becoming a very real issue. They told me there was no connection between the two. Then came macular dystrophy and vocal paralysis — all disconnected, or so they thought.”

“My pivot point came one night shortly after returning home,” Beck continued. “We were all in the kitchen as a family and I had an attack. … I saw the faces of my children, and the idea that I would someday not remember them, nor would I remember my soon-to-be-born grandchild, hit me like a bag of bricks. And we looked at each other and I asked, ‘What am I doing? Maybe we should all move up to the mountains and spend all the time I have left together.’”

Beck said his doctors told him that if he didn’t stop working, his condition would get worse. But he was “haunted” by the fact that doctors told him to stop, and God did not.

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