‘GOD INTERVENED’: FSU Student Protected By Books In His Backpack During Shooting

Published on November 20, 2014

During the recent shooting on the Florida State University Campus, one student has a lot to be thankful for. Jason Derfuss, an FSU student, attributes surviving the shooting to God protecting him after the gunman’s bullet was stopped by the books he had just checked out of the library. This just goes to show that God is present in the midst of tragedy. Check this out…

From Jason Derfuss’ Facebook Page:

Earlier tonight there was a shooting at FSU, right as I was leaving Strozier. I didn’t know this at the time, but the Shooter targeted me first. The shot I heard behind me I did not feel, nor did it hit me at all. He was about 5 feet from me, but he hit my books. Books one minute earlier I had checked out of the library, books that should not have stopped the bullet. But they did. I learned this about 3 hours after it happened, I never thought to check my bag. I assumed I wasn’t a target, I assumed I was fine. The truth is I was almost killed tonight and God intervened. I know conceptually He can do all things, but to physically witness the impossible and to be surrounded by such grace is indescribable. To God be the glory, forever and ever, Amen.

Photo: Jason Derfuss

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